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Angel Eagles:   Helping  families  rescued  from the  terror  in  Afghanistan

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been supporting Angel Eagles - Your generosity has been used to help feed, clothe and house families escaping the terror in Afghanistan. 


Dr Marci is shown here helping a displaced Afghan woman and her 4-year-old child shop at a local market in London Ontario. The lady lost her husband, brothers and all but one child in the desperate escape from the Taliban. Shown here, with her daughter, looking into a refrigerated case that held birthday cakes.  The little girl was about to celebrate her first birthday in a new country!

She was so excited, she began to dance in the market, celebrating her new shoes!    

Dr. Marci helped them choose chicken, milk, cereal, and even peach yogurt (her daughter's favorite) which the lady had never seen sold in large plastic containers before.  Bag after bag of food, medicine and bath/shampoo  supplies were loaded into the car by Dr. Dan, who also insisted on offloading all the bags himself, once they got to their new home. 

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Fairies in the House....

The question is often asked: "Why do Dan and Marci like to put a "Fairie Castle" up in their residence?"  The obvious answer is that they like to give Fairies a safe place to enjoy life and eat cake. While most people tend to blow this answer off and shake their heads at the Eagles' eccentricity, some know the truth.  We discovered some old photos in the archive that many of you 'head shakers' might find interesting!

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A Paper about the Research Project that Drs Dan and Marcia Crain have been working on since the 1990s has been released to the public. Click the image (below) to go to the full paper and commentary.

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Published/Distributed by Eagles Disobey -

February 6, 2021


This paper is dedicated to our parents.

[ Notes from a few observers ]

"All that glitters is not gold." All which is of G_d cannot be possessed, and certainly not hoarded. To speak to one’s audience is one of the first lessons learned in communication class at University. Mathematics is often not the “favourite subject” of many, but some still being required, should be understandable to most and to the willing.

Much more raw data, and equation-investment will be included in the near-term efforts to archive Project Lotus in the United States Library of Congress, and at least one other long term "bedrock" repository within North America. The contents of both should be available either for free or by small copy fee to consumers of the research. Make no mistake: there will be mathematics involved in this paper, but minimally, so please feel free and willing to relax, enjoy, perhaps learn, and experience this ongoing investigation. After all, it's nothing one can really ever own or dare to attempt to hold some "key" or "form" in their hands as though they control or own it. Such rules, as we are persuaded it is directly related to the processes and changes in life's forms on earth, a gift of G-d, such actions would border not only on Idolatry but also grasping toward the Tree of Life. A gift leading us toward the Tree of Life is for EVERYONE, not to be doled out through legal protection. The true Golden Rule is to do unto others as you would have done unto you - NOT (within G_d's natural systems), those who possess the most gold make the rules. Such is "spiritual possession by a named entity- "Greed."

We see such actions in others, whose investigations, as though one could grab and control the Logos, G_d's communications of Truth and Love to us, on certain websites, also not coincidentally replete with multiple "donation buttons" per page. As the male author of this paper can attest, a male from a Jewish - and Holocaust associated- heritage: Dan Winter, his associates, etc., aren't afflicted with such excessive "needs and wants." Similarly, individuals who would have the need to pad their resumes with un-won medals and perspectives from ghost writers, should be addressed, as one of the following equations from the Lotus Team, relates directly to a hyperspatial relationship (some confuse with "hyperdimensional," as those who do such padding, know that many don't understand much about the term "dimensional" - only what they are told it means by those who wish to control public relations, sales for their own products, and mysticism.) Rather: we seek the truths where they may be revealed, and some truths, those by Dan Winter, are correct.

One of those truths relate directly to the Golden Mean, High-Phi (1.618..) and Low-phi (0.618..), both irrational numbers, and we would encourage you to visit Mr. Winter's websites to learn about them. Formally, we are in our 19th. year on this focused project. Before a short colloquium presented at the California Institute of Technology, on March 10, 2008, an abstract of the presentation was circulated. It read:

The presentation centered on primarily in-laboratory studies of what has become known as "Project Lotus" or just "Lotus." Some field studies were conducted, to evoke the peculiar phenomenon, but they were restricted to red laser (Class IIIa) initiation incident upon both clear quartz crystals and quartz bearing minerals in the field.

From 2008-2016, an effort was mounted to detect Lotus as a natural phenomenon, and to study, how the emitted "particles" alter recipient cells and organisms, and even possible successive generations of same. To date, we have still only found 3 general varieties of emitted "particles" we call Class "A" (formerly called "Ganesh Particles") which seem to transport smaller spherical Class "B" "particles" (formerly called "Pearls" - containing detected siRNA), and Class "C"'s (formerly called "Selkies" - which seem to respond to two way acoustic signals between the "portal" (the basic unit of the phenomenon itself) and a destination cell. These Class "C" items, highlighted at the aforementioned colloquium in 2008, remain (hover) inside a small tubular column of unknown material (with detected electromagnetic characteristics), and perhaps act as message arbiters between the "portals" and the target cells of our environment. That same tubular column is the same one used by Class "A" and "B" particles to travel.

The Class "C" particles were the primary object of interest between 2008-2016, as they were somewhat relegated to the backseat of the presented study of 2008.

While we remain enormously grateful to our faculty host, the acoustic aspects were chosen by the host to be less-highlighted at the colloquium. The acoustic aspects were and still are of this paper's primary female author's essential focus, as a musicologist, these aspects both involved the element of sound and possible music. Further, orientation of "portals" to magnetic stimuli were not sufficiently explored due to time constraints, and metaphysical aspects were suggested left to another venue. Time windows between "particle" emissions were strongly suggested tracked, rather than other measures of such emissions. We have since fleshed out these subjects in a stronger fashion.

Once the "natural origin" of the peculiar silicate associated phenomenon was established by direct observations, without using lasers: instead tracking "portal" emanation via incident (reflected) light on SiOx containing minerals under natural moonlight (using 3/4 waxing gibbous through 3/4 waning gibbous in cycles); we were able to track the 512nm (wavelength) "portals" both visually and acoustically. From 2016-2020, we conducted a study (named: "Operation Redstone") to not only count the direct rates of "particle" emissions under moonlight, but record the sounds proceeding from the motions of the "portals" themselves, as well as a still undefined set of sounds associated with the internal actions of the "portals." Sounds, which closely match what was once called, "The Chorus" and is partially analyzed by the female author, on Eagles Disobey (www.eaglesdisobey.net). The analyses from 2016-2020 remain underway and will be published.

What we may report at this time is that the mean (average) rotational speed of a Lotus "portal" is 10.2 (that is 360 degrees) rotations per second, around the longer axis of an overall prolate ellipsoid-type body. During the same 4 years, we tracked a total of 102,118 "particle" emissions, from a recorded total of 1,622 (varied lived) "portals" rotating a total of 39,117 times. In earlier published imagery of a Lotus "portal" -

Timing and counts were conducted following a time-period of approximately seconds from the moment of the "portal's" maturation and function, and extending no longer than after any second disruptive event, due to atmospheric (ex. wind) or other perturbation.

We calculated the means (averages) from a 10x10 matrix (1021 "particle counts" per cell, over 100 squares) and took means for emissions per second, a mass average from all 102,188 emissions, and having found little difference (no significant statistical difference), taken from all raw data and between calculation methods finding the means. We discovered that the rate of "particle" emissions from a Lotus "portal" was approximately "4 emissions per second." To the hundredth, we calculated 3.88 emissions per second. Given our previous analysis that a "particle" would be admitted after each collision of what we termed, “Biomorphotons” ... (See spherical objects on a collision course in the following image.)

...we determined that these "Biomorphotons" must have struck ("clapped" if you will?) on opposite sides of the prolate ellipsoid approximately 3.88 times per second, to facilitate (or simply proceed), the mean emission rate for "particles" from the spinning silicate phenomenon. The number 3.88 will soon figure prominently in this paper. Interestingly enough, the same could have been said about the nearly overlooked "portal" orientations in a magnetic field.

What follows is a website link and two "YouTube" links which begin to bring together, in a closer way, the work of Eagles Disobey and that of Dan Winter's ground breaking emphasis on Phi/phi. The relationship should be self-evident.


Please, keep in mind, that while we do not precede that of Christopher Columbus or Nicola Tesla, Mr. Winter's and Eagles Disobey's ("Project Lotus") work has been correct and intimately associated long before we now see the intrinsic fun of many: watching the spinning egg. Project Lotus has found another interesting relationship, involving Lo-phi (0.618..) and the mean emission rate of natural Lotus "portals."

[For the mathematically shy: the symbol "^" will be used immediately below. It is the abbreviation for the term "exponent." It simply means 'raised to a power' or 'the base number multiplied by itself how many times.']

We know from working area problems that 6/5(Phi)^2 [that is 6/5*Phi*Phi; where each asterisk = "multiplication"] is about equal to Pi. Pi of course, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. We know that Phi (1.618..) and Pi (3.1415..) are irrational numbers: after the decimal, they just keep going ostensibly forever (ex. Pi: 3.1415926..blah, blah, blah). Something, not sure what, drew Project Lotus to this equation. But, instead of Phi (1.618), we used Lo-phi (0.618..). Instead of using something indicative of an area [ (^2) - like length times width?] or a [ (^3) - like length times width times height, for a volume], we involved time and used [ (^4) ]. After some work, work that will be explained, we find that:

6/5*phi^4 + 6phi = 3.88 => the mean emissions per second of Lotus "particles."
Another way of expressing: (6/5)(0.618^4 + (6)(0.618) = 3.88.



Hyperspatial Physics

This section is included for the generally inquisitive and those drawn to scribbling multiples of the aforementioned equation. Whilst the central focus of this short paper is not metaphysics, but a determinative statement that “aggregate particles” of the “phenomenon” In certain circles, “much ado” has been made over the so-called tetrahedrally associated geometry involving approximately “19.5 degrees.” Vertices of a tetrahedron seem to point to special areas of perturbations when applied to spherical objects (such as planets), along with much deeper philosophical applications. What has been absent, until now, is a direct link between the functions of continuous creation, as suggested by the “Lotus Phenomenon” and the hyperspatial-induced geometric correlations to our physical universe. The authors hope for the input of individuals such as Dan Winter and his associates, to add the the compression of the concepts into further comprehensible ideas.



We have found that applying the multiple of “5” to the aforementioned equation yields:

5*[(6/5)*(0.618)^4 + (6)*(0.618)] = 19.415 = rounded as 19.4. (As it turns out 3.88*5 = 19.4!)

Why 5? Our work, from Eagles Disobey, highlighted the special metaphysical properties of the pentagram and its links to ancient art and philosophy. Therefore, we assess that a linkage of the tetrahedron to the pentagram, Phi/phi, Pi, and the Lotus Phenomenon is hereby being established. The pentagram, a key to unlocking higher metaphysical applications (as established in Eagles Disobey's Emanation of the Solfeggio, work and book publication from 2006), further underpins our opinion.


For those particularly interested in mathematics, the number 89.7 (rounded from 89.661) is also generated, but only with the use of so-called Hi-Phi of 1.618, in the place of 0.618 (Lo-phi). We think this result is close enough to the special measurement of 90 degrees to be of interest in further mathematical conjectures? The spirit of Pythagoras of Samos has not left us? (We await the input of others as to what relationship they may find in our rate-equation = 3.88, to another well known Euclidean Relation of 6/5[1.618^2] => Pi.) Also, while not fully derived here, the ratios of the triangles a,b,c sides can be rooted out to both produce potential mechanisms of “healing” (via tonality) and weaponization. The team at Eagles Disobey intends to encode the tones (sounds) from the “Lotus Portals” to produce the former option (healing), while we deny paths to the latter one (weaponization).

Interlaced Frequencies

So, how does this (well known by some) previously produced “base” equation, relating Lo-phi to Pi, culminate in an equation which mirrors the “particle emission” rate from this strange phenomenon under study? The reaching of 19.4 is logically anchored by the equation which produces the 3.88 rate, therefore, either the construction of the equation producing the 3.88 rate is linked directly to the raw data found by studying Lotus Phenomenon, or the contentions made herein are spurious? Correct. Well, the record of sounds emanating from the “Portals” does supply the data. The so called “Chorus sounds” (previously made public) produced by the “Portals” seem to the natural ear like a combined group of voices, making a hum or singing in harmony. It is from that data, the sounds from the “Portals,” where this entire venture toward an equation began. In our studies we applied 'Isolate X Frequency Isolators' to painstakingly deinterlace the frequencies of the self-described “Chorus sounds” from “Portals” recorded between 2016 and 2020. Not only were the frequencies found that link to the final equation we produced, they were consistent between every “Portal” recorded: a consistent system. Not all of the individual frequencies were combined to find the equation. We are unsure of the purposes to some of the frequencies not used in the production of the equation that resulted in a match to the average emission rates of the “particles” from the “Portals.” Our best deinterlacing produced the (combined) consonant and repeated Hz data: 1, 1.2 (= 6/5 ... as an exemplar), 1.6, 2.6, 3.7, 3.9, 4, 6, 7.2, 9.6, 15.6, 18.5, 22.2, 23.4, and 30.

Without bringing it to excessive labour, charts, raw data tables and the like: the relationships are embedded in the frequencies. Quick examples taken from the deinterlaced frequencies? The equation's parts are constructed from Lo-phi and the frequencies, which then give “meaning” to the hidden.

0.618^4 = 0.1458659418 (= 0.146); it follows 1.2(0.146)+3.7 = 3.875 (3.88 / the clocked average emission rate).

6(0.618^4) = 0.876; 30(0.618) = 18.54; 0.876+18.54 = 19.416 (the hyperspatial number – again).

Please remember that these data are the result of in-field measurements, videography, and recorded acoustic sampling. The data, as evidenced by the previously described book, Emanation of the Solfeggio, is hardly fully examined by this one “paper.” We can haggle over the error rate, as there is always error in human-achieved measurement, and are very interested to learn of what relationships you may find, what critiques you may offer, and what other meaning(s) you may ascribe to these observations?


Years ago, when Dan lived in Las Vegas, an event took place at his residence. Several sparkles of light took up residence in a "fairy castle" Dan built and attached to the ceiling.

One day, these little balls of light took flight through the residence, and thinking fast, Dan grabbed a disposable camera and snapped several shots. The two balls of light shown to the left were seen at the base of the patio doors, running along the carpeting. He followed them, even leaping over the couch to capture this picture.  

This picture was taken before the digital age supersceded standard camera film, so we have the actual negatives, and can prove, if ever required, that the originals are unaltered. 

The image at the upper left is directly from the camera.  The image below it has been enhanced for visibility. You can see the two balls of light marked in each photo with a white box.

the large image to the right is an enlargement to show more details of the light balls. 

The image at the upper left is directly from the camera.  The image below it has been enhanced for visibility. You can see the two balls of light marked in each photo with a white box.

the large image to the right is an enlargement to show more details of the objects. 

After zooming along the carpet edge, the objects rose up and pushed their way through the glass of the patio doors. That's right, they pushed right through solid glass.   To see images of the event, and more close ups of the light balls themselves, click on the link to more, below.

As the Light Balls, spoiler alert - which turned out to be Fairies as they were zipping through the residence, pushed through the glass, Dan managed to capture another snapshot. Remember these were made on actual film, and we have the negatives. This picture showed the Light Ball deforming the glass as it pushed through. We used some modern digital enhancement techniques to show you the event in better detail (above). The center image is from the original, and the left and right are digital enhancements to show more detail.

These images are enhanced from the original, and rotated so that the features within the texture of the light show more clearly. It takes a little bit of skill to adjust your eyes so that the surface reveals the features but it's worth the effort. The areas of most interest have been circled and then enhanced in the lower right images. It can be a little unnerving to see the face looking back at you from the ball of light captured on the film.


 Additional detail is presented in the images below:

Buzzz... You may see Dan standing outside, with a large bowl gathering snow and rain as it falls from the heavens. 

Do not be alarmed, he is gathering it, at my request, to use for blessings. 


For a long time now, we have been reaching out to people in need, with food, warm clothing and blankets, and kibble for their 4-legged companions.  Soon we will start blessing people and their pets here in our new Ontario home.




Isn't it enough that it's

'just because it's the right thing to do'?


This has been known by the DAYBREAK Think Tank members since February 5, 2021.


                         - Rev. Dr. Marcia Crain



If you find the idea of Fairies visiting or possibly residing in your own home intriguing, you should drop Dr. Marci a line by email, at



Put Fairies in the subject line and she'll usually respond to polite inquiries withinformation about how to encourage Fairies to visit your home.  She and Dan have been making Fairie Castles for friends and colleagues for some time now, and could probably give you some pointers on creating a Fairie Castle for your own home.  


Just by way of disclaimer, Fairies don't do well in negative environments. They sense hostile intentions, and negative vibes and either just won't come by, or can do mischief to those unfortunate enough to 'piss them off'.  Don't piss off the Fairies. OK? N'uf said? 


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