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About Drs Dan and Marci - and The Team

Dr. Dan Crain came to public attention as one of the very few scientists from Area-51/S4 who had ever come forward to tell of his experiences at that remote and secretive base in the Nevada desert. Most of the people he worked with (in Project Aquarius) are now dead - but thankfully Dan was highly favored by the person in charge of Majestic (during those years), and survived his experiences at that location.

Unfortunately, what he knew made him into a prisoner, living under horiffic conditions and subjected to abuse, and even torture so that the people in charge at the time (Majestic-12) would always have access to his talents in microbiology, and that he would always be at BlackOps disposal. Unknown to most and assisted by Dr. Marcia (then McDowell) Crain. Dan and Marci struggled against his captivity and battled overwhelming odds for him to be free that took almost 18 years of dedicated effort.

We will be adding pages with more about Drs. Dan and Marci as well as the team. If you are interested in learning more, in the mean time, check out The Golden Thread Forum, where there is a vast amount of information available.

We will be posting information on the current World events, the new Majestic, and the roles, duties and activities of the Drs Crain in short. The Read More link will soon be enabled. (Please be patient while we fine tune the new site.)

We will be broadcasting soon, to include a wide variety of material. These new broadcasts will be hosted by Rev. Dr. Marcia Crain with guest segments by Rev. Dr. Dan and possibly others. We are currently in preliminary phases of development, and will keep you updated here. Ideally, formatted as a radio program, it will most likely be in the form of a podcast in near realtime, covering controversial material. Idea suggestions for show or segment topics can be sent to our email address, and will be given every consideration. We also intend to reintroduce the e-book "Emanation of the Solfeggio", as well as republished versions of previously out of print books, such as 'Eagles Unchained' and others along with videos and MP3s of Dan speaking at length about his life and experiences. Our new materials, as well as all older materials remain copyright protected, and we ask that you respect that by refraining from attempting to distribute them without first obtaining the written permission of the copyright holder, Rev. Dr. Marcia Crain. The Read More feature will be enabled soon - thank you for your patience.

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